We would like to call your attention to a few artists thinking similarly to us in different branches of art.

We recommend seeing the productions of the Jászság Folk Band in Jászberény with true heart; in these performances, authentic folk dance is being fused with new elements, turning into a true stage fantasy. The band has been holding the yearly dance house and musician camp for 30 years now, and the summer programme Csángó Festival for two decades.

We recommend checking out Melinda Madarász’s breathtaking clothing compositions. The thought is the same as with our jewellery. Modern clothes with archaic feel, characteristic traditional elements and embroidery. You can see her mesmerizing work at www.meyke.hu.

We hold the artificer work of Erika Rácz silversmith close to our hearts for its great design, and recommend it to our dear readers with respect. Her items can be found on www.raczerika.hu.

Designers of Matyodesign.hu employ Matyó embroiderers from Tard who present beautiful handmade embroidery in their repertoire.

Administrators of the ‘Hungarian Traditional Motives’ blog collected a good deal of fine designer work, all using Hungarian ornament design. You can visit the blog by clicking here.

cd-okWe give a wonderful song collection as a gift to each of our jewellery items; songs from artists who value tradition as much as we do, and use it as their source, making different but all new things from one common treasure.

We would like to thank the musicians of our song selection for the brilliant music, for taking care of the Hungarian folk music and the constructive and new sounds.

Szilvia Bognár www.bognarszilvia.hu
Ágnes Herczku www.herczkuagnes.hu
Ági Szalóki www.szalokiagi.hu
Chalga www.facebook.com/chalgaband
Fonó Band www.fonozenekar.hu
Csík Band www.csikzenekar.hu
Borágó Band Borago
Napra www.napra.hu
Kerekes Band www.kerekesband.hu
Nemez www.nemezband.com

The largest CD offer of our favourite musicians can be bought at www.hangveto.hu 
and www.fono.hu.