Festive jewellery from tulip jewel collection

This photo collection of ours shows one-of-a-kind jewellery and clothing accessories. Here, unique, personal ideas have a major role in the design process, paired with our professional knowledge and experience. 
The designer concept and the style are given; in this manner, innumerable amounts of new jewellery compositions can be made under the aegis of Hungarian Wedding.

FESTIVE JEWELLERY from Affianced Fine Jewellery

Take a look at the festive jewellery compositions of Affianced Fine Jewellery as well, which are perfectly on par with European jewellery design trends, made with our own perspective in mind. Our festive jewellery and accessories are made of differently coloured gold alloys, special gemstones and pearls.. More Affianced Jewellery…

affianced-alkalmi-ekszer2 affianced-alkalmi-ekszer