Prices of the Wedding rings and Engagement rings and further information

In the year 2012, the jewellery collection Tulip inspired by Hungarian tradition has won the MASTERPIECE OF HUNGARIAN CRAFT title!mkr-logo

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Affianced Fine Jewellery

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About the prices of Tulip collection pieces

The jewellery collection Tulip is a special branch of Affianced Fine Jewellery works. Unique, personal designing path, in which more and more new jewellery can be made.

Smaller details of already existing items can be modified on request as well, since our jewellery is being made by unique artificer work, ordering and taking measurements. Sizes determine the required amount of materials; also the build, thickness and number of gems in the ring can be shaped around the desired outcome. When taking up an order, we have to know the exact needs and sizes, so we can determine an accurate final price.

And for these reasons, and the numerous changeable things, here are the prices.

Wedding ring pairs: starting at 358 000 HUF/pair (tax included),
Female engagement rings: starting at 260 000 HUF (tax included).

A good deal of the final price is determined by the value of the used metals. This amount can be saved, if our customers are able to bring in enough material themselves.

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Packaging for jewellery

We hand over our jewellery in exclusive wooden boxes with added certificates; it contains the quality and quantity of the materials used. We also include a song collection for our dear guests, to which all the artists agreed. And our wedding ring buying dear guests can choose one unique, handmade ring pillow, as a gift.