The jewel collection Tulip uses elements of the rich and diversified new-style Hungarian folk art created at the turn of the 18th and 19th century.
It was the time when the national consciousness flourished in the Hungarian society and was the strongest in our history.
Sketching, design and ornament of the jewels originate from that age.

By comparing the source of our traditions with my professional experience gained through designing, preparing engagement jewels our aim was to create jewels that meet the actual needs and expectations and that adapt to the recent habit of giving engagement presents.

So do not try to search for these jewel types in the material culture of our past. At that time the habit was to give an ‘engagement shawl’ which was replaced by the engagement ring only at the beginning of the 20th century; since then the engagement ring has taken over to symbolize that two people belong together. Because this profession was (and is) very expensive the goldsmiths at that time fulfilled only the needs of the nobles and the church.

magyar-motivumFolk art had little to influence the design trend of our tarnished craftsmanship. Our jewels are not replicas or redesigns of older pieces; these are our own ideas and the manifestations of our own designing styles.
In our opinion, such a new, actual jewel design line came to be, which fuses modern needs with the nostalgic past, and even beside its modernity, its appearance has something old and archaic. With our views we’ll see to your tastes, and you’ll let yourselves be taken to our modern age by the help of traditional designs – in this, we trust.

We think that the inherited patterns and forms are not only viable by its own material and in its own nature, but it can be part of our modern world, thanks to our modern technology as well. 
It is renewed with new purpose, it becomes alive, and it evolves.

We would like to present a few traditional weddings with photos, so that the flourishing designs that personified that age’s visual fantasies and tastes will be apparent to our guests. Our concept is to present this world, but a bit more low-keyed, fitting our current world.

filozofia-1 filozofia-2filozofia-3We hope that our own conception will bring joy to a lot of our guests, and it will enrich the range of ambitions in other branches of art to update folk art.

Gertrud Nagy – master goldsmith
Richard Böde – jeweller, designer

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