Customers are received only after phone registration!

From Tuesday to Friday,
from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Only once a Saturday per month, on request. Our customer service allows hourly time scheduling. The first two receptions are without fee.

REGISTRATION: (+36) 70 378 05 70


1093 Budapest, Lónyay street 37/A.-B.

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affianced-ekszereszetIn our jewellery, our guests are not choosing from a given stash; we make our wedding and engagement rings after personal requests and measure taking.

Our jewellery is a creator-designer workshop, where each and every item is made as desired.

We make samples of our constantly growing and evolving creations from silver and alloy steel, through which our customers can get to know our collections of jewellery. By presenting these samples, and talking over changes and details, we make our gold products due request.

Consulting usually lasts for about 1 hour, so please keep this amount of time in mind. This time is spent in a comfy, welcoming room where we hold these talks with our guests – after phone registration, of course..